Cash-strapped Pakistan rolls out red carpet for Saudis

Cash-strapped Pakistan rolls out red carpet for Saudis

For a country walking out of overseas reserves, dealing with a yawning current account deficit and fighting to comfy its financial destiny, Pakistan is setting on pretty a display for Saudi Arabia’s most effective man – Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

And it is easy to look why: prime Minister Imran Khan wishes cash, and he desires it rapid.

MBS, as he is regarded, is coming to town promising billions – with Pakistan the primary stop on a four-u . S . A . Asian tour that also includes Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

But money is just one size of a relationship that goes a great deal deeper.

How lavish is the go to?
The final time a Saudi royal visit became marked with this tons fanfare turned into in 2006, while then Saudi ruler King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz toured the nuclear-armed nation.

And protection is being taken severely – with Imran Khan making a point of announcing that he is individually looking after the preparations. The go to comes amid heightened tensions inside the place, after India blamed Pakistan for the deadliest assault on its protection forces in Kashmir in a long time.

JF-17 Thunder fighter jets will escort MBS’s fleet on Sunday as they input Pakistani airspace – with all other flights grounded.

Hundreds of five-superstar rooms in Islamabad are believed had been booked out for the a thousand-robust delegation. There are even reviews that lots of pigeons had been caught for a welcome rite.

Pakistan sells off ex-PM’s prize buffaloes
The Pakistani government, which final 12 months organised an auction to elevate money by way of selling off its fleet of luxurious cars, has arranged three hundred Toyota Land Cruisers.

And for the two-day experience, the Saudi crown prince will stay at the professional house of the high minister – some thing that no state guest has ever carried out earlier than.

Why is Pakistan desperate for cash?
The vital financial institution has handiest $8bn (£6.2bn) left in foreign reserves and faces a balance of payments disaster.

Since he was sworn in last August, former star cricketer Imran Khan has been aggressively pursuing help from pleasant international locations with the intention to reduce the size of the bail-out bundle that Pakistan will in all likelihood want from the worldwide financial Fund, under very strict situations.

The United Arab Emirates pledged to offer $6 billion to support Pakistan’s battered financial system. In overall, Pakistan is hoping to get $30bn in loans and investments from the two Arab kingdoms, the Wall avenue journal has stated.

It’s doubtful precisely what deals could be signed while MBS is in town – however the crown jewel is a new $8bn oil refinery in southern port metropolis of Gwadar.

India will ‘absolutely isolate’ Pakistan
Gwadar is the nerve centre of China’s $60bn China-Pakistan economic corridor. Chinese cash is tons valued with the aid of Pakistan’s authorities however analysts say it comes with strings connected – chinese workers commonly build chinese language initiatives. There also are concerns approximately Beijing having too much influence.

Finances from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf are subsequently very welcome.

What is in it for the Saudis??
Even as it is straightforward to see Pakistan as a rustic that’s cashing in on the largesse of its allies on the cost of its sovereignty, the tale isn’t always so simple.

Saudi Arabia wishes Pakistan too.

The crown prince’s tour comes at a weird time for the kingdom, which is presently dealing with a global reputation disaster of its personal because of the humanitarian disaster of its war in Yemen and the killing of journalist Jamal Khasoggi in its Istanbul consulate.

The Saudis have an sturdy religious have an effect on in commonly Sunni Muslim Pakistan and after the Soviet-Afghan battle in the 1980s, they have been able to installation a huge network of religious seminaries, in element to counter Iran’s have an effect on.

In fact, a week earlier than MBS’s go to to Pakistan, the primary avenues of Islamabad were dotted with posters and banners commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the Iranian revolution. On the grounds that then, those have been replaced with pictures of MBS.

catastrophe. The police and intelligence groups face questions over how the Jaish controlled to stage such an assault on a large Indian convoy – which would have involved rigging up a automobile with a massive amount of explosives, sporting out reconnaissance, rehearsals and penetrating several layers of safety.

For now, the Indian established order is weighing its options. Economic actions – including eliminating Pakistan’s maximum Favoured countries trade benefits – have already been determined. The Indian government is likewise speaking about diplomatic isolation. However within the absence of any Pakistani motion against the Jaish, there will be greater to return.

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